Hello and Happy Monday,

I’m guessing most of you are familiar with the expression “you can never step in the same river twice”. But as you see from the title of my blog, I believe that in fact, one can never step in the same river ONCE! Life – like a river – is dynamic and forever changing. Rarely do we experience life’s changes with enough information and lead time to be totally prepared for what the impact will be. Something as seemingly simple and of no great life consequence, such as experiencing a “new & improved” change in our favorite go-to food choice (mine would be buttered  Creamette brand noodles), can  sometimes leave us with a sense of longing for what was and is no more.  Just think of how that can affect your day as well as of those around you? As silly as this sounds, we have all experienced what it feels like to have a “known comfort” taken away from us without our consent because of a change beyond our control. But what if the “change” was not in fact the product itself, but what we were seeking to experience from the product.When you chose that “known comfort” you were basing it on your last experience. But since that time, what might you have lived through that changed your attitude, mood, physical/emotional abilities to enjoy, etc.?

Through an often times emotionally painful journey of feeling I had lost my “known comfort (myself)”, I discovered that it is critical for me to understand WHY I am making the choices I am. And that challenging period of time when I was “loosing myself”, led me to understand that if I was going to find meaning and enjoyment in life, I better be prepared for the changes. And in order to do so, I went on a search to understand authentically who, why and how I am. For just as the river  has twists and turns, rocks and rapids, fish and frogs, as well as shimmering light and freedom to float weightless on the water, your life offers the same challenges and rewards. I refuse to settle for anything less than my authentic best life!!  I hope you also will decide its worth taking a “journey to self” to discover life at its fullest potential. In future blogs I welcome you to join me on a journey to gain insight and tools to tap your full potential.  Until next time, ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!  mo