Hello and welcome (back) to my blog,

It has been awhile since we spent time together. My hope is that since last we connected, or if this is your first time sharing my journey, that your transition from 2017 to 2018 was meaningful. That somewhere within the festivities of year end celebrations and some bitterly cold days you found time to reflect on your journey. Did those days that found you smiling with satisfaction come to mind? Or was it those times when your best intentions to achieve a goal fell short?  If you are like most of us, the unfortunate reality is that it was probably more of the latter than the former.  Perhaps taking some S.O.D/d.A. along with you from now on will result in a different reality next year.

I promised you last time that I would reveal the key to the S.O.D/d.A. strategy that changed my journey forever. You will be surprised at how realistic and do-able this strategy is when practiced regularly. In fact, even if you only bring it to mind when you find yourself in one of life’s “potholes”, it will give you motivation to move forward.

You will recall that I asked you to answer and reflect upon three questions in each of the four S.O.D/d.A. sections. In review, those questions were:

  1. Complete the following sentences.
  2. I am…
  3. I am not…
  4. I wish I were…
  5. Complete the following sentences.
  6. The Others in my life are…
  7. The Others in my life are not…
  8. The thing I most need from my Others to be the best me, but have the most difficult time asking for is…

D/d.       Thinking back over your past journey answer the following questions.

  1. When I set a very difficult goal and I achieved it, what did I personally contribute to my success through my actions, attitudes, behaviors, choices?
  2. When I set a very difficult goal and I failed to achieve it, what did I personally contribute to my failure through my actions, attitudes, behaviors, choices?
  3. Throughout my journey and the goals I set for myself – no matter how big or small, do I now see a pattern that was repeated at times of success or failure regarding my personal contribution to that result?


  1. Close your eyes and imagine you are five years beyond any schooling and career search to prepare yourself for the life you want to lead.
  2. You are doing what you choose to be doing, and living how you choose to live, you come home weary and exhausted beyond belief. Yet when you look in the mirror that night you realize what a GOOD day it was for you…why?
  3. The following day, you once again find yourself going home feeling unbelievably weary and mentally drained. You look in the mirror that night and are surprised after the day prior; this has been a BAD day for you…why?
  4. The end of your journey has come. It had good and bad days. For some of you it was much shorter than expected, others lived long beyond their dreams. The newspaper in your hometown decides to write a story about you. In doing so, they interview everyone they could find who knew you in anyway. When the story was published, it read: “No matter how they knew him/her, no matter how long they were acquainted, it didn’t seem to matter. Each person interviewed eventually shared the same theme.  No matter what, you always knew that him/her” ….what?

So now what: How will answering all these questions help me experience my journey more fully and with greater joy?


The potential for you to fully experience deep satisfaction and joy in your life will never be fully realized if you can identify with the following response to the SOD/dA quiz.

Your answer to A3 was not what you wished it to be; because you have not invested in understanding and appreciating S1-3; and in challenging times, you chose not to risk O3, while avoiding remembering  D/d3! 

Let me emphasize this one last time. If you have been walking through your life choosing to not name and claim who, what & why you are, and cheating others in your life out of the opportunity to help and support your fulfilling your potential; then you can expect to continue to fall back into the default behaviors that have prevented you from being all that you wish you were.

Now is the time to look in the mirror and say to yourself:  I am worthy of investing in a journey that reflects my authentic potential, both for me and those others I hold dearly. Today I will begin to take steps that enable me to live life to my fullest.

I look forward to our next conversation when I will go into more depth of each section of SOD/dA. Until next time, make good choices and enjoy your journey.