Organizational Leadership Development

Organizations and teams that have worked with me will tell you that I am absolutely passionate about helping others discover the authentic potential that will enhance their professional relationships. I bring my wisdom, humor, and story of my own challenging journey to each session in order to enable participants to discover real-life applications in the learning. Too many of us have experienced the rush of the training moment, only to file it away under the “oh sure but not in my life” basket. My goal is to create a sustained positive impact on each organization by the end of every session.

Whether I’m consulting/training you on improving communication skills, conflict management, or critical problem-solving, the result is that participants experience healthier and more rewarding relationships. The impact on the organization is that individuals and teams will work more effectively together to achieve mutual goals. The enhanced relationship bridge invites individuals to take steps toward living the mission of the organization. It is both exciting and meaningful to observe when this happens!

Topics on organizational leadership development Include:


Mission-based Leadership


Authentic Leadership—Achieving Performance Potential


Tapping the Potential of the Team to Achieve Goals


Healthy Leadership Under Stress


Working with Difficult People


When I tell clients that what I am sharing is what I am doing, I mean it! The wisdom of the Enneagram Theory and the skills I teach to practice it, are daily practices in my long and successful career as a business person, administrator, teacher, coach and human being. My greatest joy is to help a team or an entire organization gain greater understanding and awareness of how to build bridges to more effective and rewarding relationships.

One afternoon with Maribeth Overland is truly more effective than weeks of therapy. She was swiftly able to help my team move beyond our individual positions and into a dynamic sharing of group needs and norms. Individuals were gently taught to explore their own passions and respond in such a way that the whole group’s work flourished.  Maribeth approaches her work from a place of deep appreciation, profound respect, and a deep commitment to the sometimes hard, sometimes slow work of authenticity. She is truly a wisdom figure whose calling in life is to help others–especially teams–tap into their own internal and collective wisdom.

Cody M.

Community Engagement Professional