"Simply incredible! Easily one of the best workshops I've ever attended--kudos!"
                               —participant at national conference workshop: Lead from Authenticity

"Great session! This will be a great tool to use in staff development training or between a supervisor and supervisee in order to make sure each knows how to work with the other. Very informative and I learned a lot about myself."
                               —participant at national conference workshop: Tap Your Potential

"If you have Maribeth leading your team, you can be assured the experience will be both invigorating and productive. She has an uncanny ability to assess the needs of an organization and its members and provide the desired outcome."
                                —communty nonprofit administrator

"Nice! A lot of great information to learn. I want more conferences like this."
                                —participant at leadership keynote conference session

"Maribeth's training provided our staff new insight into their professional leadership strengths and an opportunity to learn practical techniques to enhance team communication, resulting in increased productivity. As a staff we now have a greater understanding of the skills needed in order to work more effectively with others to tap our leadership potential to achieve our firm's goals."
                                —administrator, law firm

"Taking students to new levels of authentic leadership—beyond what they have experienced or even imagined—is only part of what Maribeth Overland’s leadership development programs offer higher education. After participating in her workshops, our students not only wanted her back, they wanted to follow her. A true servant-leader herself, Maribeth offers challenging development opportunities for students and professionals alike in the field of leadership!"
                                —university vice president

"As a director, it was one of my goals to develop ethical leaders. I would not have been able to do this effectively without the Enneagram training that Maribeth led. I would highly recommend Maribeth and her Enneagram leadership training for groups of college students interested in taking their service capabilities to a more meaningful and impactful level!"                                 —Director of University Civic Engagement Fellowship Program

"I found Ms. Overland’s presentations to be insightful, inspiring, and well-worth my time. She was able to provide many realistic campus-oriented and career-oriented examples during her presentations about leadership styles, authentic leadership, and the leadership development journey. She focused on the importance of being conscious of one’s own leadership style and then to empowering individuals with other styles to be effective, civically-engaged leaders not only on campus, but in their time after graduation."
                               —Participant in Civic Engagement Fellowship Program


“Maribeth is an inspiration. She has opened my eyes to the character within each of us. She has helped me dissolve barriers that kept me from succeeding.“
                                —coaching client

"Coming to know oneself and one's spouse at a new level of understanding is a gift. That is the gift we received from Maribeth who, with the use of the Enneagram, was our coach. Maribeth used her vast experience, skills, training, as well as various books and articles, to help us grow in our understanding of our individual type and that of our spouse. Our sessions with Maribeth were laced with humor, respect, challenges and insights. We have begun a journey of growth with new skills, new direction, and the potential for a healthy relationship
between ourselves and others."
                                 —married couple


"In this exercise, I saw a master at work. Maribeth demonstrated a strong knowledge of organizational communication theory and the ability to work with people to build a team environment. She demonstrated strong leadership skills and the ability to work with all levels of the organization."
                               —client for consultant services

"My belief in the importance of investing in people, especially during difficult economic times, was reinforced when we contracted wtih MOverland Consulting. Maribeth's professional insight and energetic facilitation resulted in immediate and sustained improvements in team functioning and overall morale. This was one of the best staff develoment investments this agency has made."
                                —community nonprofit administrator

"On each consulting occasion, I have marveled at Maribeth's ability to get across concepts and ideas that individuals are unfamiliar with, and some even resist. I find her style to be warm, welcoming, and expanding. Maribeth isn't into talking about things that necessarily make people comfortable, but rather things that lead to constructive insight and change."
                                —client for consultant services

“Maribeth is insightful, fun, and intuitive with a wealth of knowledge on personality traits, strengths, weakness, and how they affect relationships. Time spent with Maribeth is an investment in expanding knowledge and understanding of self and coworkers in a professional setting.”
                                —health care administrator