For more than fifteen years I have provided leadership development training and consulting for organizations seeking ways to more effectively achieve their goals. My belief is very basic: for any organization to truly achieve success, there must be an investment in the success of each team member.

My training efforts focus on how to tap the potential of team members to redirect their talents toward achieving organizational goals. Authentic leadership is about identifying and communicating common goals, and then inspiring teams to embrace these goals. Leadership development training is the work of improving team dynamics, which in turn results in all members of the organization achieving success. I have a proven record of achieving these results for my clients!

Topics on organizational leadership development Include:

  • Why Does Leadership Personality Matter?
  • Healthy Leadership Under Stress
  • Are You Saying What They are Hearing: How to Improve the Message
  • Tapping the Potential of the Team to Achieve Goals
  • Understanding Successful Conflict Management
  • Leadership and Motivational Speaking
  • Effective Feedback without Fear
  • Recruiting /Retaining Successful Employees
  • Authentic Leadership—Achieving Performance Potential
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Mission-Based Leadership