Life Coaching is about empowering persons to achieve their life potential. The results of this range from greater personal happiness, enhanced professional success, and more fully-shared relationships with friends and partners. Life coaching seeks to identify the issues and questions within oneself that provide the means to achieving one's life potential. Life Coaching is based upon the belief that the answers to our inner questions and personal challenges lie within us. Through the coaching process we often discover that from our strengths, rather than our challenges, come the source of frustration and obstacles to our feelings of success. For example, those who are most helpful to others often struggle to get help for themselves; those effective in improving the workplace often struggle with negativity from coworkers. My coaching methods involve dialogue, personal reflection narratives, and personality development through use of the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram.

Life Coaching Format:

  • complimentary 30-minute coaching consultation
  • initial 60-minute Enneagram personality assessment to identify areas of strength and challenges in achieveing life potential
  • scheduled 90-minute session (by phone or on-site) as per agreement
  • weekly e-mail support through terms of agreement
  • occasional check-in call as determined by terms of agreement





enneagram assessment